Counseling and Divorce

Quite often counseling is brought into divorce and child custody proceedings through the courts. The most common types of counseling that we see ordered by the courts are co-parenting counseling, counseling for the children, and counseling with the children and one or both parents. These types of family counseling can be very beneficial. If counseling is not ordered by the court, it is often brought up in settlement negotiations. We encourage clients to consider these types of family counseling during and after litigation.

Personal counseling for yourself during a divorce or child custody dispute, while not required, is something that you should consider. Many of our clients here at Delk & Tomlinson are men and we understand that many men have an automatic aversion to seeking professional counseling. However, in many cases it would greatly benefit our clients. There are several counselors that we can recommend to help you through the emotion, stress, and anger that comes with a divorce or custody dispute.

We try to be there for our clients in every way possible and sometimes wind up being placed in the role of a counselor. However, we are lawyers, not counselors, and can only help so much. We do not have the education, experience, or training to assist you in working through the issues that can come with a divorce or custody case. Seeking counseling for yourself may benefit you in many ways. It can improve your relationship with your children and influence the way you handle interactions with the other party, ultimately allowing you to be the best parent you can be during this transition.

We have provided several links to give you some guidance when deciding whether counseling is something you, your children, and/or the other party may benefit from. If you have any questions, please call us at (334) 373-2981.

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