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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process with the aim of helping individuals in dispute resolve their differences and come to an agreement outside of court. At Delk & Tomlinson Law, our Montgomery mediation attorneys have been listed on the state roster of approved mediators for divorce and domestic relations. They have met the Mediation Registration Standards and Procedures governing the mediation process and are registered with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution

This means that if you need mediation to resolve your family law disagreement, you can turn to the capable and proven mediators at our firm. We are thoroughly grounded in mediation and have the necessary skills and experience to guide you through the process. Mediation can be successfully used to resolve all family law conflicts and provides an alternative to litigation in court that is less costly, less time-consuming, and less stressful. It also leaves you and the other party in control as opposed to be subjected to the decisions of a judge.

Connect with Delk & Tomlinson Law online or at (334) 373-2981 to arrange to speak with one of our Montgomery mediation attorneys about your case. We serve clients in Montgomery Count, Autauga County, Chilton County, and Lee County.

More About Mediation 
in Family Law Cases

In divorce and family law cases, a neutral third party (the mediator) helps you and your spouse or the other party negotiate a settlement of your disputed issue. The mediator does not act as a judge, does not favor one party over the other, impose a specific solution on either party, or make a decision about what is best for you. The mediator’s job is to get you and the other party to communicate in a positive manner so as to explore your options and come to a decision that will meet your needs. 

In mediation, both parties must agree to mediation if it is to work. This means cooperating within the ground rules and confidentiality agreements. It allows you and the other party to discuss your concerns while reducing the emotional strain of courtroom intervention. Both you and the other party can bring your attorneys to the mediation process if desired. You can also consult with your attorney privately for advice. 

The mediator will meet with you and the other party in a private and safe location and may also meet privately with each party individually to get a better grip on the problems involved and how they can be resolved. Mediators may propose ideas to both sides together or privately to help facilitate an agreement. 

The advantages of mediation are many. It is a private and confidential process. It can take place on your time schedule as opposed to a court’s calendar. Those who participate in mediation are generally happier and more compliant with their agreements afterwards because those agreements were voluntary. 

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  • “I was very pleased with the professional services rendered by Delk and Tomlinson. They treated me with respect and helped me understand the process which is hard to do when your emotions are frayed.”

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