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Various types of marital agreements can be created and executed under Alabama law. These agreements will affect the outcome in divorce actions for the parties involved. If you need to ensure that your agreement is created according to legal standards so that it may be enforced when needed, we recommend that you turn to the capable legal team at Delk & Tomlinson Law. Our firm puts years of experience and successful results on your side. We are here to ensure that you have the legal protections needed should your marriage end in divorce or death.

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What Are Marital Agreements?

Marital agreements can include the following:

  • Prenuptial agreements executed prior to the wedding and becoming effective after the marriage takes place
  • Postnuptial agreements entered into after the marriage has taken place
  • Common law marriage agreements
  • Final marital settlement agreements under which a divorce is granted by the court

In general, these agreements all delineate how your property, assets, debts, and certain other financial matters will be divided and distributed should you divorce or either spouse passes away. Because of this, it is vital that a full disclosure of such information is made by each party. It is also important that you and your spouse retain your own separate legal representation so that your individual best interests are asserted and protected in negotiated drafts and final execution. 

All of these agreements, except for final marital settlement agreements, cannot designate child custody arrangements or child support which are issues that must be approved by family courts at the time of divorce. They can, however, cover the matter of alimony in a divorce action.

These agreements are beneficial not only in their disclosure of all assets and debts but can protect inheritance rights of children from former relationships, potential business interests, retirement accounts, and other financial interests that you may grow over the life of the marriage. Details such as how accrued credit card debt will be split both during the marriage and in a divorce can be included. Additionally, detailed agreements can protect estate plans, personal family belongings and heirlooms, and more. In fact, the more detailed and comprehensive the agreement is, the less chance of dispute will arise in a potential divorce. 

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Putting your financial needs and desires in place in a legal marital agreement document can be confusing. With the help of our competent family law attorneys, you can have peace of mind knowing that all legal requirements for your document have been met. 

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