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Whether married or not, parents in Alabama are expected to provide financial support for their children. This is one of the most “black and white” issues in family law. That is because it is based on Alabama state guidelines that provide a formula for determining the amount that should be paid by the noncustodial parent to the other parent. Whether you’re paying child support or receiving it, it is crucial that the numbers used to calculate it are accurate and fair. 

In some cases, it may be appropriate to deviate from the state guidelines. At Delk & Tomlinson Law, our goal is to ensure the amount you are paid or are required to pay is legitimate. Payments should never be less than what is needed and never more than you can afford. Our many years in representing parents on this issue has given us valuable experience that can be used to achieve fair and just rulings in family courts.

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Child Support in Alabama

The formula for calculating child support payments is based on the “income shares model.” It estimates what the former two-parent family normally spends on raising their children and then splits it between the parents based on their incomes. 

The formula takes into consideration the following:

  • The combined income of the parents
  • What percentage of that income each parent contributes
  • How many children are to be supported
  • Any pre-existing support or alimony payments paid by a parent
  • Childcare/daycare expenses
  • Health insurance expenses

Where parenting time is divided on a generally equal basis, this will also affect the payment amount to take the “noncustodial” parent’s time into account. 

As mentioned above, deviations to the formula can occur based on the individual circumstances of the case. Where strict adherence to the guidelines would result in an unfair payment, family courts have the authority to determine what is appropriate on a case-by-case basis. When doing so, the court will specify its reasons for the deviation.

Where a parent fails to follow a child support standing order, the other parent can seek to have the order enforced through the courts. Delinquent parents can be held in contempt of court. Standing child support orders can also be modified where circumstances have substantially changed for a parent or a child. These modifications must be determined and issued by the court in order to make them legally enforceable. 

Whether you're already behind on child support, need a change to your current obligation, or need to file an initial action, Delk & Tomlinson Law can help. Together we can navigate the financial considerations in calculating child support to get accurate and fair payments that serve both your child(ren) and you. 

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